Bike Fun Friday How-Tos

June 27, 2014
Bike Fun Friday How-Tos

Want to change your bicycle chain at home?  Mount an iPhone to your handlebars?  Figure out how to bike with you pup?  Snapguide, a community of makers who like to share their how-tos, threw a contest to see who amongst them could create the best instructional guide.

And now they have a winner!  So if you’ve ever thought of creating something customized for your bike, now may be the moment.  Dave Moore, a woodworker from St. Louis, shows in this guide how to create gorgeous wooden handlebars for your bike.  Now, maybe you don’t have a bench vice, a laminated plywood handlebar form, or a router to turn some spare walnut wood from square pieces to an octagon, or bevels to go from octagon to rounded handlebars.

Bike fun
Photo credit: Eva Frye

No worries, there are plenty of other instructional guides – everything from how to wall-mount your bike in a garage to how to protect your bike from theft, to (a favorite) how to make a furry bike.

bike fun
Photo credit: Koreen Sablan

And of course, for those special occasions when even the funkiest Nutcase helmet has the need for some additional dress-up, here’s the guide for creating a Star Wars helmet cover.

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