Be An 8-Ball For Halloween

There’s no opting out of Halloween here at Nutcase.

Oh, yes, if you really hate costumes, getting dressed up, and candy, you can try to take the day off when Halloween comes around.


Mrs. Nutcase in deep disguise…front row second from right.

But Mrs. Nutcase Miriam Berman, who also doubles as the company’s human resources manager, will figure out your ploy.

And in her ‘This is going to be fun’ persuasive way, she’ll convince you that you need to come in, dressed up, on that day off you just decided to take.

Because, well, because we’re Nutcases.

So while this is social media manager Tom Rousculp’s first Halloween with Nutcase, he knew long before October even rolled around that the costume-fun thing was de rigueur. 

Tom in semi-deep "I'm an 8-Ball" disguise.

Tom in semi-deep “I’m an 8-Ball” disguise.

Tom decided to go as an 8-Ball for Halloween.

You can, too.

Buy 8 Ball (Gloss)Or try being a Dutch Orange pumpkin.

Buy Dutch Orange (Matte)Or take these tips and do an Americana Evil Knevel based on the creative patterns from Oliver + S.

Buy Americana (Gloss)


photo credit Lightning McStitch*

And hey, if your costume doesn't include a Nutcase helmet, no problem.  Just remember that that helmet can still be useful on Halloween - when it doubles as a handy candy collector.

Or front-door treat dispenser.

So many uses, so little time.

If you are biking to any Halloween parties, please wear that helmet. It's true, we love our brains...and we love yours, too.

Boo.  No boo hoo.

p.s. The Evel Knievel costume was originally created by a master sewer who goes by the name of Lightning McStitch. See her blog for more sewing fun!