Buying a baby or toddler a first bicycle helmet can be both wonderful and a little nerve-wracking for a parent.

We designed the Baby Nutty so that the beginning cycling experience can be as pain-free as possible for little tots.

So it is gratifying to hear from parents that the Baby Nutty is doing its job and keeping their kids happy while out and about on the back of the bike, on a push bike, or on a scooter.

This latest Baby Nutty review comes from a family blogger named Sylvia who goes by the ‘pen’ name of Filine. Sylvia is very into reviewing the products she uses and loves, and with her daughter Alessia (who has two small children), she’s given the new(ish) Baby Nutty helmet a thorough review. The review is in German, so we’ve summarized below, and here’s a link to the original.

Sylvia’s grand-daughter Bella received a Petal Power Baby Nutty helmet, and first tried it out on her ‘Bobbycar’ – a bright-red push car well-known in Germany and Scandinavia.

In the review, Sylvia praises the Petal Power’s lightweight in-mold shell and the different thicknesses of pads included with the helmet. These pads are integral to getting a good fit, as is the elastic fit system. Because it is trickier to gauge good fit with little kids, make sure to measure a baby’s head before buying a helmet. Use a soft measuring tape and bring it around the baby’s head one inch above the eyebrows. Our Baby Nutty is made for heads approximately 47 to 50 centimeters in circumference.


One of the Baby Nutty’s key features, which Sylvia also appreciates in her review, is the Fidlock no-pinch magnetic buckle. We also include padding at the back of the no-pinch buckle so that nothing can irritate baby-soft chin skin.

And an extra plus: the Baby Nutty includes special no-sting netting over air vents so kids have much less chance of getting stung while out with their helmets.

Bella is happy with her Petal Power and wears it to ride her Bobbycar. However, if you have a different first experience with your little one’s helmet wearing, don’t despair. Take some tips from our Philadelphia-based blogger Dena Driscoll.

Sometimes a little time and a few good biking experiences is all it takes. Thanks, Sylvia, for the stellar Baby Nutty review.

Top photo courtesy Filine’s Test Blog.