• Are You Ready to Make Your Escape?

    We've teamed up with some of our favorite brands so that you can have the chance to win everything you need to make your escape from the daily grind. Be ready for whatever may come your way this summer, whether it's the chance to sneak away on your lunch break to the park or an impromptu weekend ... View Post
  • #watermelonhelmet

    Back in 2004, when Michael Morrow was just starting to think about a helmet to rule all helmets, it was a watermelon design that he decided to test out first.  So, a watermelon was purchased from the local grocery store which acted as a model for the design, and when the sample helmet came back f... View Post
  • MIPS Athlete of the Month

    Long time Nutcase fan, Mike Cobb, was picked by MIPS to be their Athlete of the Month.  We reached out to Mike and asked him to share a bit about who he is and what it means to be the Athlete of the month.  We were blown away by his thoughtful response.  We hope you enjoy... Moving around i... View Post
  • Ghost Bikes | Public Art for Safety Awareness

    Artist Leyna Lightman is a biker, an artist, and activist in Los Angeles.  She reached out to us because, as she said, she's "working with the LA department of transportation on a big public art project to save lives!" As a part of a current Vision Zero campaign, she collaborated with the founde... View Post
  • Meet the 4th Annual Unframed Finalists

    You get to pick which of the following helmets gets to go in to production. It's a big day here at Nutcase...  Our product team has unveiled which semi-finalists have made it to the final round! Back in October we met five incredible artists: Mel Langton, Nani Puspasari, Sean Breasley, (h... View Post
  • Nonsense - Limited-Edition Unframed Helmet by Kyle Confehr

    Kyle Confehr's Nonsense helmet gets more double takes than just about any design we've ever produced.   What's the subject matter of this helmet?  Well...  we couldn't tell you.  It is, after all, called Nonsense. When we asked him, point blank, what secrets were held within the illust... View Post
  • BIKE MORE: Meet the Mackenzie Bike Team

    As a "Thank You" to the many companies who have signed up to compete in the Street Trust's Bike More Challenge this year, we offered a team photo and 10 helmets to one rockin' team. The Street Trust chose Mackenzie to be the winners after they wrote in to say they'd use their helmets to inspire n... View Post
  • May the Fourth be With You, Morgan!

    This week marks Morgan Brataan's 2nd and last year as Nutcase's Product Designer.  After this week, she's off to Iceland and planning to dive in to the world of freelancing. We're going to miss her very much. Of Morgan, Kendall Burton (Nutcase's Product Line Manager) says, "We knew we had a winn... View Post