Love Letter from Canada

We get Love Letters from all around the world. Every letter is special to us because it reminds us exactly why we're in the business that we're in.

Last week we received at Love Letter from Canada. A mother wrote in and said, "Tonight a Nutcase helmet saved my son. He fell down an embankment on to his head and shoulders in a pile of rocks nearly 8 feet down."

Bike Crash

"His helmet cracked all the way through," she continued, "and is pretty scratched up..."

Cracked Helmet

"...but he is fine!!!" she exclaimed. "You can see the cracks in the inside of the helmet too... taking all the impact from his head. We're speechless at your engineering! Small gash under the eye, but that is it. We have raved about your helmets for years to friends and now, without a doubt, will never outfit our four kids in anything else! Thank you a million times over."

Boy in Helmet After Bicycle Crash

We're happy to report that this little rider was back out on his bicycle within an hour! And, thanks to Fraser Valley Balance Bikes, he already has a new helmet.