Everybody knows Amsterdam and the Netherlands overall are crazy for bikes, right? It started (more or less) back in the 1970s when Amsterdamers realized that city streets were becoming more car friendly than bike and pedestrian friendly. Through a series of protests and initiatives, citizens and local government helped usher in a new era of bike lanes and bike infrastructure.

Other cities in the Netherlands followed suit. Now 99% of Dutch citizens own a bicycle.

Anybody biking in Amsterdam and other Dutch cities would have to agree that the bike is a ‘civilized conveyance.’

Screen Shot 2015-07-05 at 12.37.08 PM

As the film below tries to humorously convey, biking is so popular in cities such as Amsterdam and Utrecht that it is not just a cultural convenience anymore – it’s beginning to be part of the national DNA. From babies to the retired set, everybody bikes.

So we're happy that the Dutch are also happy with the Nutcase helmet, liking it for its fun graphics, great fit, and extra touches like the Fidlock no-pinch buckle and the Spin-Dial fit system.

Yet not everyone in the Netherlands wears a helmet. In city cycling there's a theory called safety in numbers, which means that the more people bike, and the more of an infrastructure that exists aimed at cyclists, the safer the road system becomes for ALL users.

At the same time, as the video shows, when as a child you are just learning to keep balance on a bike, a Little Nutty helmet is a nice bit of extra love for a developing brain. We aren't, and never have been, proponents of mandatory helmet rules.

Our quest is to make a helmet so fun that people - including kids - will want to wear them.

BIKE - The amazing world of cyclists in Utrecht from BLIK filmcommunicatie on Vimeo.