Who Is Your Daddy?

June 13, 2014
Who Is Your Daddy? (Hint: Likely Not A Guy Who Needs Another Tie)

Photo credit: torbakhopper via flickr.

We joke a lot at Nutcase HQ, but we also take our fun pretty seriously. Just like Darth.

So while it might seem killjoy to suggest you not buy your dad a Father’s Day gift this year, we believe dads around the planet (and in a galaxy far, far away) probably don’t want another tie as a token of your affection. Ditto a set of barbeque tools or another pair of shoes.

Nope, what your dad truly wants is a little extra time. To take a stroll, or a strenuous hike, or a long, meandering bike ride.

Your dad wants his to-do list all done, if only for a moment. He wants an extra hour in the morning, and an extra one also at night, to do some stuff not on the list. Time to waste, and maybe dream.

If you can figure out how to give your father that gift of minutes, hours, and even days, then do it! (And may the force be with you.)

p.s. And if you absolutely have to arrive to a Dad’s day event with a wrapped present, we suggest this, this, or this.