May 9, 2014
What Your Mom Really Wants (for Mother’s Day)

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We’ve had over one hundred years of Mother’s Days by now. In the US, Anna Jarvis started the tradition back in 1908 to honor her mother, Ann Jarvis.

(It’s funny to note that as soon as card and candy makers and flower shops got involved in making the day a ‘Hallmark’ holiday, Anna wanted nothing more to do with it. She felt the day was for feelings and not florists.)

That doesn’t mean that there’s nothing that your mother wants. She does want something, and it hasn’t changed much in a century. It’s safety – yours!

Moms are the world’s safety experts and the best naggers ever. It’s their job, the nagging thing.

And mostly, the stats show them to be right – a helmeted head is a safer head.

You, after all, are always going to be the kid to your mom, and she loves your brain – it makes you you – and wants you to protect it, whether you are eight or eighteen or eighty-four.

So there is one thing you can do for your mom before this Sunday’s Mother’s Day.

Get yourself the best-fitting, best-looking helmet you can for your favorite sporting activity, whether it is bike, snow, or water sports.

And while you are at it, you can get your mom a cute and fun helmet, too.

What’s your favorite dual-duty helmet for mother/daughter, mother/son combos?

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Credit: Jenn Crebas