Though the actual show is still a bit more than a  month away (August 26 – 29), here in the Nutcase hive we’ve been planning and plotting and dreaming and scheming around Eurobike 2015 for months.

So we feel it’s about time to start whetting your appetite by giving you a tiny Nutcase sneak peak of what’s new for Eurobike 2015!

First and foremost will be the next iteration of our Unframed fresh-art-on-fresh-helmets campaign. We will have two booths at Eurobike – one to show off our new products (see below for details), and the other to showcase our three international artists making live art daily – all three days of the show.


Here they are – Unframed 2016 helmets.

If you happen to be attending, make sure to visit B3/6 and AK/2 to watch our Unframed artists Carla Bartow (US), Jobert Cruz (Philippines) and Tiago DeJerk (Brazil) in action, painting large canvases that we’ll auction off to benefit World Bicycle Relief. Then pop over to take a peek at our new and novel 2016 helmet designs.

“Anyone who knows Nutcase and our helmets, understands we’re absolutely nuts about color, inventive graphics and imagination let loose,” says Michael Morrow, founder and president of Nutcase Helmets. “Unframed is our way of pushing our own design boundaries, showcasing the work of amazing artists from all over the globe and raising money for World Bicycle Relief’s crucial work.”

(Click to see the helmets our first year’s trio of artists produced – Boogie, Cloud Nine, and Locombia.)


At our second Nutcase booth (A2-401) we’ll be debuting a total of 20 new helmet designs (more than ever before!).

New designs can be seen for our Nutcase Gen3 line, for our urban and sporty Metroride line, for our Gen3 Little Nutty helmets for youngsters, and even a new helmet for the littlest helmet hipsters with an addition to our Baby Nutty line up.

We’re also adding a pair of new designs to our Nutcase Water Helmets.

Even if you won’t be passing through Friedrichshafen for the three-day Eurobike show, you can still get a peek at these great new graphic designs. Watch this space – we’ll be previewing the new designs and the inspiration behind them in the days and weeks leading up to the show.

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