Visor and Squirrel

April 24, 2014
Helmet Design: A Visor and A Squirrel

With the advent of Gen3 helmets, Nutcase designers added features, and they also added some gratuitous fun.

One of the great new features of a Gen3 helmet is the included sun-and-rain visor.
Mellow Swirl Visor Squirrel Art

Here’s the Swirl. Below are the squirrels.

The visor, basically a strip of soft flexible rubber with a hard ‘fin’ that fits snugly in the rim between the helmet shell and the protective EPS liner, may not seem like such a big deal.

Until those first drops of rain splatter your glasses. Or the strong rays of summer sun strike you blind. Or road grit flips up and tries to paste you in the forehead.

That’s when the visor suddenly seems like an absolutely necessary accessory.

And that’s why Nutcase decided to include the visor in the packing box starting with Gen3 helmets – the visor was sold separately for Gen2 helmets.

Also part of that cardboard box the helmet arrives in is a cut-out squirrel – we are the Nutcases, after all. That squirrel has started to inspire some Nutcase owners in Australia/Asia – so much so that we’ve even had a competition, to let the crazy creative spirits be unleashed.

Here’s a small sampling of Nutcase Squirrel mania. Enjoy.
Squirrel Art
Squirrel by the water.

Squirrel Art
Glitter squirrel.

Squirrel Art
Scary, scary squirrel.