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  • 5 Ways To Live A Nutcase Lifestyle

    Does your daily commute wear you down? Here's 5 tips to help your commute go by a bit smoother.   

     #1 Preparation is Key

    Be well prepared for your commute by organizing in advance. We recommend laying things out the night before so that you don’t have to rush around in the morning and can enjoy your cup of joe and kiss the kiddos off to school.  ID – Check, wallet – Check, Nutcase helmet – Check.  And don’t forget to check the weather just in case you need to pack your rain jacket.   One of the things we’ve recently added to the morning commute is a backup battery should you forget to plug your smartphone in the night before.  Here is one that the Nutcase staff thinks is pretty rad. 

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  • New Movie Takeaway:“Protect Your Brain”

    The new movie Concussion leads to a simple but powerful conclusion: "Protect your brain" View Post
  • In addition to the improved health, Greg was feeling invigorated by the increased freedom of movement and sociability that biking gave him, and he just kept adding more biking to his life. Now 43, Greg and his wife Beth live car-free and have 7 bikes between them. View Post
  • Our Metroride sporty commuter helmet was released last month at a great rollicking party at Portland’s Gladys Bikes. We’ve gotten some good press – people are finding that the Metroride gives you the best of two worlds: the increased ventilation and minimalist profile of sportier helmets combined with a solid sense of retro style. And of… View Post
  • In our new sponsorship and partnership with professional mountain bike trials rider Ryan Leech, we’re able to fruitfully combine our love of the sports world with our commitment to loving our brains (and everyone else’s). A talented athlete, Ryan has been on the professional circuit for most of his life, performing his particular magic of focused and fantastic… View Post
  • Healthy Brain Talk

    The following is a guest post from Robert Traister of the Brain Injury Association of America (BIAA), a Nutcase partner in loving all brains. This is the second of four posts from BIAA this March (Brain Injury Awareness Month), to cover some of the issues BIAA works on all year-round. Flickr Photo Credit: Maira.Gall A healthy brain… View Post
  • More than a decade ago, the Swedish government approved a revolutionary safety idea. Deciding that zero road deaths was actually a realistic goal, the parliament in Sweden approved a set of four principles related to traffic and road safety. At the core of Vision Zero, which has since spread to other countries including the Netherlands,… View Post
  • For most of us in the northern hemisphere, the advance of the seasons toward winter is apparent with shorter days, longer nights, and new television episodes. There is a consolation, if we can happily transition from the summery sports like biking, skateboarding, and scootering to the skiing, snowboarding, and other fun pursuits of winter. Luckily… View Post