Roller Derby World Cup 2014

Roller derby is not just at your local roller skating rink anymore. It’s a bona fide sport that has gained international attention, and teams, and it now has its own World Cup, which begins later this week in Dallas, Texas. As an official helmet sponsor of Team Brasil beginning December 2014, Nutcase asked team member Camila Prete to give her impressions of the lead up to this big, big event.

roller derby world cupThe countdown is getting shorter. The feeling of excitement is mixed with butterflies in our stomachs, everything is getting more and more intense.

The years of training are becoming weeks, days, and soon hours to our goal.

We have been training hard, overcoming all obstacles, thinking of the moment we will roll onto the track. The Roller Derby World Cup track!

It’s that kind of feeling that no words can explain, and only roller derby can provide.

This sport makes us spend (and invest!!) a lot of time and money, get beaten up and beat up others, overcome challenges that we never think we could meet, and get challenged even more as we practice and play.

Maybe these are some of the reasons we can’t stop playing and loving this sport/philosophy/lifestyle!

We have become a community. Wherever we travel, wherever we go, we can reach out to other leagues and skaters, and we might even find a couch to crash on when needed. We make new friends all over the world. Isn’t that just plain awesome?!

The community that roller derby has created is formed by all biotypes, races, colors, religions, sexual orientation, etc. Yes, we accept you just the way you are.

When we put on our skates and protective gear we feel like we are superheroes sprinting around the track.

I’m a roller derby player, and believe me when I say that I must invest in the best equipment, its part of a superhero’s uniform. This focus on good gear really saved me once when I had an accident during a game. And that was when I also made the decision to buy a Nutcase Helmet to protect my brain, and keep me going on this amazing journey!

World Cup 2014 is going to be tough, and yet fun! Fun times are ahead. The experience will definitely demand the best out of every single country team taking part in it! This year we expect 30 teams to be competing.

With that kind of intense competition, the number one thing we need is trust. Trust in our training. Trust in our team. Trust in our equipment! And then, let the glorious times come our way.

Thank you Nutcase for being part of it.

Bring it on!


Need a refresher on how a Roller Derby works? Here’s a great short video.