In any given stream of bicyclists you might meet on city streets, there’s always a few (too many!) ill-fitting helmets. Sad to say, that isn’t generally the fault of the helmets themselves.

At Nutcase our number one priority is and always has been making helmets fun to wear.

That’s our guiding principle and our reason for being. We truly believe that if a helmet expresses something about your personality, if it’s nutty and crazy and cool and colorful, if it has that certain stylish something that is international and crosses cultures and national boundaries, you (and we) are more likely to wear it and enjoy it.

Of course, our secondary tagline is ‘I Love My Brain’ and that means at the same time we try to concentrate on the best and brightest styles and graphic designs, we also think a lot about safety. Helmet fit is a huge component of that.

We’re striving to make helmets that are as safe, comfortable, and cool (in the many senses of that word) as humanly possible.

With this generation of our Street and Metroride helmets,  ‘A Perfect Fit’ is not hard to get. But because human noggins come is all shapes and sizes, it’s not a forgone conclusion either.

After gathering all the questions we’ve ever received about our helmets and achieving a perfect fit, we decided to make the pair of fit videos above.

We tried to address as many aspects of helmet fit as possible. Of course there's always room for improvement – if other fit questions come up after you've watched the videos, connect with us in the comments section.

Happy (nutty) riding!

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