As we’ve said – we’re not really for New Year’s resolutions. Instead we resolve to be as spontaneous as we can be, considering there’s a lot going on at Nutcase HQ.

First off, Nutcase 2015 looks to be the year of new product launches, hot art on new helmets, and working with partners on cool causes.



As Nutcase looks forward to 2015, it’s no secret that we’re excited about the arrival of our Metroride commuter helmet this spring. After a lot of work to put the finishing touches to the Metroride design, we think we have made a graphically beautiful and functionally streamlined everyday bicycle helmet.

Our goal was to meld style with functionality in the Metroride. Working with helmet designer John Larkin, we hope we achieved this goal. We’ll give a final sneak peak at the Metroride at the ISPO trade show coming up in early February in Munich, Germany before the Metroride begins to arrive in stores shortly after that.

In addition to Metroride, the Baby Nutty will be arriving at the same time, along with Little Nutty Gen3, and the 16 additional 2015 new Gen3 designs, making the Spring chock-a-block full of new helmets from Nutcase.

Beyond new products, we are taking on new partnerships. Our work with World Bicycle Relief and Unframed has been both fruitful and satisfying, and we want to find a like-minded partner organization for our other favorite undertaking – work with Brain Injury Awareness month, which is right around the corner in March 2015.

As Nutcase looks forward to 2015, this is one of our great goals – and we need suggestions on which organizations would fit well with us. With our motto “I love my brain”, it makes sense for us to find a partner that combines the quest for safe brains with a bit of an off-beat personality.

Of course, in all the work we are doing, we’re also aiming to have some crazy fun. Look forward to lots of interactive content as we interview each of our three new Unframed artists, catch up with stunt cyclist and yoga guru Ryan Leach, and keep the photos coming from cyclists who #keepriding no matter the weather.

And there’s plenty more in store we haven’t even thought of yet. Stay with us – the ride is always exciting.