New!The Chia Helmet!

Portland, Oregon (GREENWEB) April 1, 2014 Nutcase Helmets Inc., a leader in designing fun-to-wear bicycle, snow sports, water, and (soon!) motorcycle helmets, is announcing an innovation unique to Spring 2014: the fun-to-wear and fun-to-eat Chia Helmet.

Michael Morrow, founder and CEO of Nutcase Helmets, said the Chia takes helmet design to an entirely new level of sustainability and eco-friendliness.  “We’re known for the creative strength of our helmet designs, and we really outdid ourselves on this one,” Morrow said. “It’s a grow-your-own, eat-your-own garden helmet that could only originate from Portland.”

The Chia Helmet comes in two flavors: regular Chia and Omega3-fortified Chia. The Chia Helmet grows to full capacity in just two weeks with regular watering – easy to do if you live in the rain-soaked Northwest. For drier climes, spritzing your Chia Helmet once a day upon arrival home will do the trick.

When Chia Helmet growth reaches two inches, it’s ready to be harvested. Simply trim your Chia sprouts with nail scissors onto a clean plate or into a bowl, add a drizzle of your favorite salad dressing, and enjoy. Send your de-sprouted helmet back to Nutcase Helmets in the handy Chia Pack provided, and we will re-seed and return the helmet to you for re-growth.

To purchase your very own Chia Helmet 2014, click here!