More Baby Nutty Reviews

Baby Nutty is one of the newer additions to our line of helmets, and it is perfect for biking, skating, scootering, and general outdoor athletics for the toddler set.


We put time and effort into making the Baby Nutty fit well on smaller heads, and we added signature features – not only the no-pinch Fidlock buckle the Nutcase helmet is famous for, but also anti-bee netting on ventilation holes, and an easy to use elastic slider system allowing parents and caregivers to get that perfect fit fast. It also gives kids’ heads plenty of room to grow.

Anti-bee ventilation hole covers.

Anti-bee ventilation hole covers.

Most important from many family bikers’ perspective is the unique shape of the Baby Nutty: we made the back of the helmet slightly flatter so that kids riding in bike seats won’t have their heads jutted forward.

As the bloggers at Two Wheeling Tots note, good helmets for the youngest set are hard to come by. Many parents wait until their child is walking and at least 12 months old before putting them on a bicycle. Family bikers tend to start their kids earlier. This is a personal decision that parents and caregivers must make.

That makes it all the more satisfying that the review team of Lisa, Natalie and Dani gave the Baby Nutty a thumbs up after checking out our Baby Nutty helmet.

“Fun, fresh and a little funky, Nutcase’s newly designed Baby Nutty certainly meets our three criteria.  Significantly lighter than their youth helmets and with an elastic adjuster as well as two different widths of internal pads, the Baby Nutty is one of our favorites for young toddlers.” – Two Wheeling Tots

In the Baby Nutty reviews, the helmet scored an ‘Exceptional’ rating, and also did very well in the site’s comparison of different helmets for young children. To get a helmet that will be perfect for your child’s head, this guide is also a good source of information.


Ring that bell.

And don’t forget to measure your toddler or young child’s head before you order a helmet. Baby Nutty is designed and tested to U.S. CPSC standards for babies one year and older.

What’s important to remember is that getting the maximum safety from any helmet depends on a good fit. Watch our fit video for tips, and make sure that all helmets are fitted so that the front edge of the helmet comes forward to about one inch above the eyebrows.

We are eagerly expecting a new shipment of Baby Nutty helmets this fall, and many of our retailers still have stock – check here for a Nutcase Helmet supplier near you.

And stay tuned – the fabulous new ‘Moo’ design featured below is part of our 2016 line of helmets available next spring.