The Nutcase experience team, from left to right: Dave Williams – Customer Service Orchestrator, Lisa Bauso – Events and Promotions Conductor, Tom Rousculp – Digital Media Mastermind, David Kruger – Venerable Senior Designer, Philip Mascher – Brand Connector, Zach Holz – Website Tinkerer and Optimizer.

At Nutcase we are a bunch of Nutcases – in the best possible way – and in spite of some pretty breakneck growth, we try to maintain a cozy family feeling at our Portland HQ.

Thus it is entirely comfy to welcome our new social media manager Tom Rousculp to our team. In fact, Tom goes back a long way with the Nutcases. As marketing and events manager at the local Bicycle Transportation Alliance, Tom knew us when our office was a tiny closet in the Ford Building, and he helped us christen our current larger digs in the same building.

Stories are Tom’s passion, and he’s looking forward to telling more of them on our different social media channels, as well as being part of our marketing ‘Experience Team.’

“I’m pretty happy to be part of a team now,” he said. Tom moved to Nutcase from Vanilla Bicycles, where he had the title of ‘Operations and Marketing’ and where he did a bit of everything and wore many hats. “There’s a lot to do but it’s really fun to do it when you are working with a group of smart people and creative people.”

Instagram is Tom’s favorite social media channel, but he’s getting the hang of Twitter, too.


Tom and his daughter June.

Tom and his daughter June.

As the newest Nutcase, we were required to ask Tom what his favorite helmet is. His reply was quick, “Dots,” he said, because it was the first one he bought his six-year-old daughter June. Now his three-year-old son Oliver has the Dots while June has ‘upgraded’ to the Watermelon helmet.

For himself, Tom is waiting for the arrival of the Metroride helmets, and when they gets here, he thinks he’ll settle on Dutch Orange.

When he’s not inside the Nutcase hive, Tom said he spends most of his free time adventuring in the outdoors with June, Oliver, and his wife Samantha. He’s been a bike messenger, a road rider, a cyclocross racer, a mountain biker, and a dedicated commuter.

He says that in spite of enjoying all those different types of biking he never identified as a ‘cyclist’.

“Biking has always been what I do,” he said. “I guess I’m a broad-spectrum bicyclist – biking was the easiest and cheapest way to get around. Now, though, I must be considered to be a family biker, since we have a Surly Big Dummy and I bike with my kids.”

When asked how many bikes his family of four has for all those different cycling pastimes, Tom pauses to count them, and eventually he laughs a little and says “13.”