Love Your Brain?

March 6, 2014
Love Your Brain?  Here are 5 ‘brainy’ sources you can follow on Facebook or Twitter:

1) Pro snowboarder Kevin Pearce reinvented himself after a traumatic brain injury on the slopes in 2009. He now heads up the ‘Love Your Brain’ foundation. @KevinPearce

2) Eliminate multitasking? If you love your brain, Sandra Bond Chapman, a cognitive neuroscientist, says yes. Temporary technology breaks also encouraged. @BrainHealth

3) National Geographic’s hit show BrainGames with Jason Silva gets inside your head to explain what’s going on there. @BrainGames

4) Just want amusing pics of the supposedly dreaded thing called helmet hair/helmet head? Right here on Twitter #helmethair #helmethead

5) Deep thinking going on. has the latest research on all things brainiac. Also on Twitter @neurosciencenew

Bonus! Check out this infographic on what to know about brain injuries: