Hugging The Hills

 July 28, 2014

Downhill skaters like long smooth hills, just like downhill skiers, and summertime is prime time for skate events.

In Portland, PDX Downhill has been key in promoting and arranging regular sessions and events to grow the Portland skate scene and community.

The Mt. Tabor Downhill Challenge, now in its fourth year, is one of the first ‘legal’ events that PDX Downhill put together, and this weekend’s event shows the vibrancy of skating competitions happening all over the U.S.

Mt. Tabor #2

On the way up the hill. (credit: PDX Downhill)

For the Challenge, a pack of eager skaters make a long, hot hike up the hill with boards and helmets and gloves, for the pure pleasure of speeding down in an ‘old school’ style race. That means each skater gets chalk lines drawn on their boards to designate feet placement.

During the one-mile course, skaters can reach terrific speeds of more that 40 miles per hour (42.3 miles per hour recorded!).

Mt. Tabor #3

Fast and fun down the hill. (Credit: PDX Downhill)

The race requires a full-face skate helmet to participate, so not too many Nutcase helmets are seen (yet!) in this skating pack, but it is great to observe that skaters like the same fun and funky styles in helmet design that we do.

This year’s first-place winner was Brandon Tissen, who took home $1,000 in prize money. He also received the very rad trophy pictured below, designed by Vancouver, B.C.’s Landyachtz Longboards.

Mt. Tabor #4

Trophy (and photo) credit Landyachtz Longboards.