How A Helmet Is The Best Gift

Many people buy their helmet – whether a bicycle helmet, a moto helmet, or a snow or skate helmet – at the same moment they are purchasing other outdoor gear. There’s a reflective, ‘oh yeah, a helmet’ thought, and then we are led to the wall where the helmets are displayed.


That’s not how it has to be, however.

At Nutcase, we truly believe that wearing a helmet can be, and should be, a reflection of a person’s unique personality. A helmet can be something you actually WANT to wear, and not just because it keeps your ears warmer in winter, and not just because you love your brain.

With the right helmet, it’s actually fun to wear a helmet. And that’s why a Nutcase helmet is the best gift you can give.

OK, stay with me here for a moment. Perhaps you are one of those people that doesn’t yet think that wearing a helmet is the most fun you can have when on your bike, scooter, board, or skis.

When it comes to fun, what’s on the outside of a helmet is important. Every day, one way or another, we’re trying at Nutcase to find the designs that help people express themselves while they have their helmets on. Whether it’s via the colors or the catchy graphics or the style’s statement, a helmet that feels like it speaks to you makes the entire experience more fun. We’ve got a dizzying array of graphic styles and colors to browse amongst.

The next thing that makes wearing a helmet fun is fantastic fit. Truly, if your helmet feels like it is made for your head and slips on in a comfortable-yet-snug way, it’s much more fun to wear. We try to get that fantastic fit for every head by our Spin Dial, allowing the wearer to spin to the absolute perfect feeling of comfort and containment, as well as by providing different pad thicknesses in every box.

Lastly, straps that are easy to size up and down combined with our easy-on, easy-off Fidlock magnetic buckle complete the fantastic fit.- I’d lead with the expression of your unique personality benefit  before fit and buckle.

Last but not least, what makes wearing a Nutcase helmet fun is what we DO while we are wearing them. For us, getting outside, in nature and on the streets, to do the activities we love is enhanced by the feeling that we are loving our brain AND expressing our inner weirdo while out there.

And if all that is good, what’s even better is giving that fun away to the someones you love! Finding a design that is the perfect expression of their individual loveliness and seeing them recognize that when they open the box is pure sweetness.

Making a Nutcase helmet the bestest of gifts. (And a Nutcase bell the ultimate stocking stuffer.)