June 5, 2014
Helmet Heaven: More On Moto!

Nutcase Moto helmets are the brand-new addition to the Nutcase family – ready to hit retailers and available online the first of July ­– and we’re pretty excited. With our long experience in making superior graphics for bicycle helmets, the challenge of safe, well-designed, and good-looking scooter and motorcycle helmets has been right up our alley.

“What we’re known for is awesome graphics and that is what we are bringing to Moto helmets,” said Nutcase brand and marketing manager Philip Mascher.


At last week’s first Moto launch party, held at the Vespa Portland store, the Nutcases had their first opportunity to try the Moto helmets en masse and get some live-action feedback from other early adopter users. The key take-away message of this first event was that people love how this helmet fits, as well as the fact that everybody wants helmets that complement their scooter.


While our first batch of quintessential moto designs – especially but not exclusively the Retro Racer and the Americana – have graphics that fit with a number of popular scooter and motorcycle colors, at Nutcase HQ we’re already working on Moto’s next season designs by doing a comprehensive study of the most popular and up and coming colors in the Moto world.

Here are just a few fab features of Nutcase Moto helmets:

• Our Motos adhere to both DOT (Department of Transportation) and ECE (Economic Commission for Europe) safety certification.

• Motos ship with the clear, short face shield, and you can customize further with our orange and smoke visors, available in two sizes, or our clear tall shield

• Shield pivots allow you to switch between visor types easily

• Strong chinstrap and buckle ensure a just-tight-enough, comfy fit

• Nutcase Moto designs are fun! We’ve launched Moto with the most-loved, most-requested graphics on this first batch and are busy working to keep the designs fresh, edgy, and in line with popular scooter and motorcycle colors