Hello Moto!

May 30, 2014
Hello Moto!

Motorcycle ad vespa
Image credit: Huro Kitty via flickr.

The first Vespa scooter, released right after WWII in 1946, was unique for three reasons: it had a pressed-steel body that enclosed the engine to conceal dirt and grease; a flat floorboard to protect a rider’s feet; and a streamlined, iconic design with big-time visual appeal. By the time Audrey Hepburn hopped on one with Gregory Peck to ride around streets of Rome in the 1952 movie Roman Holiday, the Vespa was already a classic.

Roman Holiday Motocycle Vespa
Image credit:
Huro Kitty via flickr.

Motorcycle Vespa MotoTo celebrate a new generation of riders who are rediscovering Vespas and other scooters as perfect urban mobility machines, Nutcase is releasing its MOTO line – eight eye-catching designs that marry classic scooter helmet shape and style with stunning Nutcase graphics.





Moto vespa
Each of the helmets in the MOTO line – Stumptown Woody, Hypnotic, Americana, Modern Argyle, Union Jack, Retro Racer, Salt, and Pepper – feature our ABS hard shell and signature Expanded Polystyrene impact-protecting foam liner. Removable ear pads are standard with each MOTO helmet, as are smart features like quick-release, easy-use buckle, and deluxe soft roll neck. The new MOTO helmets are DOT and ECE dual certified and come with a helmet cinch bag.

Spring 2014 will see a whole series of launch events for the MOTO helmet – the first at Portland, Oregon’s classic scooter store, Vespa Portland, on June 1st. Come take a look if you are in Portland, or see us at the AmeriVespa event in New Orleans on June 9th.

Even if you can’t be there, take a look at all our new MOTO designs and tell us what you think in the comments. We’d love the feedback.

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