Get Nutty, Babies!

When we released our Little Nutty helmets back in 2009, we got a lot of love mail from parents. Combining great design with special fit features and fabulous graphics hadn’t really been done for the six-and-under sports kids of the world.

Almost immediately, though, parents also started asking for helmet sizes for even smaller toddlers and babies who were out there tricycling, scootering, and balance biking.

So we went back to the design board, determined to make a helmet for littler kids who needed a snug, safe, lightweight and comfy fit, even though they weren’t within range of Little Nutty’s minimum 19-inch head circumference (measured an inch above the eyebrows).

toddler bike helmet

We broke the mold, so to speak, with Baby Nutty. Our line of toddler bike helmets are a new, and rounded, contoured shape to fit young heads from approximately 18 inches in circumference (approximately 47 centimeters).

They are also engineered, tested, and certified to the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Standard) for ages one year and older.

Why should parents, you might wonder, buy a Baby Nutty for their littlest cyclist or scooter enthusiast when their baby’s head could easily grow three-quarters of an inch in a year?

Three reasons: Fit features, weight reductions, and the pinch-proof Fidlock buckle – all making for a stress-free, happy first biking experience.

With the Baby Nutty, we shaped the helmet to fit smaller heads with the least amount of extraneous shell material possible, translating to less weight on smaller heads.  We also include an easy-on fit system to allow for a safe and snug fit that gives your child’s noggin room to grow. That slim fit also gives a bike-seat toddler less bulk at the back and sides, leading to the possibility of better posture when riding on the back of a bike.

Lastly, that Fidlock buckle, with its easy, one-handed, and pinch-proof locking mechanism, is a huge plus when getting a helmet on and off a fussy or just plain active child.

toddler bike helmet

With our first wave of Baby Nutty designs you can clearly see the Nutcase aesthetic: the Nutty Swirl follows in a long line of great swirling helmet designs we’ve done; the Outer Space plays off our founder Michael’s powerful obsession with retro science fiction; and Petal Power isn’t just cute, it’s one in a long line of Hawaiian-inspired flower designs.

Check them out below in our latest Baby Nutty video: