Labor Day is an oxymoron – instead of laboring on this last true day of summer, we prefer to offer up some hot classics in selected sizes for a Nutcase helmet sale. Three of our helmets will be available for 50% off –  the Atomic Boomerang Street helmet;

the Mellow Swirl Street helmet;

and the Checkerboard Street helmet. That truly does serve up a hot deal for Labor Day. Some other popular classic styles you can get at our online store during the sale for 10% off are the 8 Ball; the Lumberjack;

the Trucker Orange; and the Island Sunset. Specially for this particularly American holiday, we’ve put the American Dream Metroride helmet on sale for 20% off.

Though the idea of a holiday to honor U.S. workers is more than a century old, begun in 1882, in New York City, not many people know its history, and there’s some contention whether a carpenter named Peter MacGuire or a machinist named Matthew Maguire suggested the celebration of workers and unions. Even though not many of us could call out either Maguire or MacGuire, most U.S. Americans know about Rosie the Riveter. She’s a staple of propaganda highlighting strength, self-sufficiency, hard work, and independence. Rosie isn’t one person – she is an amalgam of some of the women who worked during World War II in factories and other jobs that the men had left behind to go to war.

Original Rosie

Original Rosie

Rosie’s original image was created by the artist and illustrator Norman Rockwell, who did much to lock in place many of the images Americans have of the 1940’s with the pictures he made for the Saturday Evening Post. What’s surprising is that the Rosie the Riveter picture most of us remember wasn’t actually created by Rockwell – his publishing company refused to widely release that image. Instead, the Rosie we know was a later image made by J. Howard Miller, and she remains one of the most popular labor images in the U.S. In Rosie’s honor, we’re putting two additional ‘tough but tender’ helmet designs on sale for 10% off – Liquid Silver

and Daisy Pink.

Electric Olive, a great Fall color helmet, is also 10% off. And last, but certainly not least, Flamingo Fun also gets the 10% off, honoring the famous Flamingo yard ornamenter creator Don Featherstone, who passed away in June. Sale ends midnight of Labor Day, Monday, September 7.