September 23, 2014

As anyone who hangs with the Nutcases at HQ tends to find out pretty quickly, our brand is built on a single helmet inspired by an Oregon State University Beavers versus University of Oregon Ducks football game called the Civil War.

photo 2

Our founder Michael Morrow is a diehard and unabashed Beavers fan, and his attempt to make a fan-friendly helmet that showed his love lead to the starting of a helmet revolution. Read more about it here.

So it makes perfect sense that we for a number of years have carried a specialty line of “Collegiate” helmets – one showing our special team spirit for the Beavers, and the other designed specifically for Ducks fans.

Duck vs. Beavers 3

In fact the Yell-O Ducks helmet is a classic that came to be through collaboration with the University of Oregon’s UO Bike Program and the Student Health Advisory Committee.

Our limited production of these two Collegiate Gen2 helmets is now coming to an end to make room for the plethora of new Nutcase styles we have on the way.

photo 1

The last of the bunch are now available at the Nutcase store for the fire-sale price of just $56 – a 25% discount. If your team spirit is running high as we head into the football season, now’s the time for a commemorative helmet showing your style and your allegiance.

Go Beavers!

Go Ducks!

Get ‘em while you can!