• Nutcase Little Nutty Toddler Accessories Thicker 7MM Pad Set Kids Youth

Little Nutty Toddler Thicker 7MM Pad Set


Need a bit more padding to fit your Toddler's brain?  Mix and match these pad sets with the 5mm pad set that came with your Little Nutty Toddler helmet to fine tune the fit.  These 7mm heat sealed pads are improved over our previous pad sets and will work on past and present Little Nutty helmets.


- 7mm thickness - printed on the pad sets so you know what sizes you're mixing and matching.

- Heat sealed to enhance fit and the life of the padset.

- 3 different pads in set.  Note, the pad on the fit system is not included in this set as it comes with the retention system.

- Will work with prior year models. 

- Fits previous year Little Nutty's and 2020 Toddler Little Nutty