• Watermelon w/MIPS (Baby Nutty)
  • Watermelon w/MIPS (Baby Nutty)
  • Watermelon w/MIPS (Baby Nutty)
  • Watermelon w/MIPS (Baby Nutty)
  • Watermelon w/MIPS (Baby Nutty)

Watermelon w/MIPS (Baby Nutty)


*Our Baby Nutty and Toddler Nutty are the same measurements. The differences between the two are that the Baby Nutty is designs with babies in mind at about half a pound and perfect for little ones whose necks are still forming with a narrower fit and flatter back, perfect for bike rides and trailers. The Baby Nutty also doesn't come with a visor or reflective straps. The helmet still has reflective logos. If your child is 2.5+  we would recommend the toddler size.

An oldie but a goodie.  This one is just ripe for the melon head in your family. 

Our Baby Nutty helmet has been an industry leader for safety and comfort for the last 3 years.  Updated for 2020 featuring the MIPS safety feature and our baby specific  EPS protective foam, designed to disperse any force and protect their growing brains! The updated design provides maximum comfort and fit, while focusing on  head support and posture for their little neck and head. No pinching and no tears with our updated Fidlock magnetic buckle system.


    • Updated design provides maximum comfort and fit while allowing optimal head support and posture
    • Rotational motion  and force can cause brain injuries in our little nutty's. MIPS is a a low-friction layer that sits between your baby's brain and the helmet.  The liner slides 5 to 15mm in all directions if there was an impact, reducing forces to their brain
    • Lightweight polycarbonate outer shell designed with baby neck strength in mind. 
    • Updated Fidlock® snap-and-go magnetic buckle system means your baby won't get pinched which means no tears! 
    • 11 contoured vents for effective cooling
    • Heat-sealed, 3-piece pad set and GROW Flex Fit System cradle the head and provide individual fit and comfort
    • Engineered, tested and CPSC-certified for 1 year of age and older