Want to be part of the Funnest of Fun?

Join our Movement

We believe it doesn't matter if you skate, scoot or ride a bike, you have the power to transform the world and it starts with FUN.

We are continuing to build the Funnest of the Fun Ambassador team ever - Call us the Ministry of Melons, Protectors of the Peanut, or the Noble Noggins. Basically we’re looking for a mixed bag of nuts, not to be mistaken with the trail mix with the M&M's, rather the nutty of the nuttiest, to tell the world about Nutcase!

This "funnest" (it's a real word, trust me) is a huge part of the Nutcase tribe and is super important in helping spread the fun we bring to skating, scooting, biking, and outdoor communities. Our ambassadors (aka the Funnest) will get to try new products before they hit the stores, help us get the word out when we have new product launches, and spread #Nutcase wherever they go!

Do you have the chops (not sideburns) to be a part of the Nutcase Funnest?

• Do you LOVE Nutcase?

• Do you skate, scoot, bike, kite surf, Red Bull luge, or roller-skate? 

• Do you like to have fun?

• Do you post regularly on Facebook and Instagram?

• Do you like to tell people about awesome products?

• Do you bring the party wherever you go?

• Do you have a brain?*

If you answered yes to the first six questions, then you’d be a great addition to the team!

** If you answered yes to the last question and can prove it, you’re automatically in.**

So, you might be wondering what’s in it for you. As part of the Nutcase Funnest, you’ll:

• Be the first to know about new products and Nutcase news.

• Create fun giveaways on your own social channels. (it's like hosting a party and we provide the appetizers).

• Get Nutcase and other affiliate products from select Limited Edition launches.

• Get access to the exclusive Nutcase Funnest-only Facebook page (it’s like the Catalina Wine Mixer, but without the wine or Catalina island, but you get our point.

As a part of the Nutcase Funnest, we will expect you to:

• Bring the party

• Create content (i.e. images, event recaps, playlists, and more) and share the heck out of them on social media.

• Show up: we’d love to see your pretty faces at some of our photoshoots, events, and/or random fun campaigns (pandemic permitting)

• Test product and give us feedback.

We know you're a diverse group of Nuts with a wide variety of personalities among our ranks. But we all share a common connection... Fun and safety.