Helmet Care

What’s the best way to store and maintain my helmet?

 Our Manual has handy care instructions including these important manufacturer instructions:

  • Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures, pointed objects, sharp edges, salt water, adhesives, petroleum-based solvents, corrosive agents or common household cleaners such as ammonia or bleach.  Exposure may cause damage that is not visible.
  • If needed, wipe down your helmet with mild soap and a damp, soft cloth.  Let it air dry.  Do not submerge it in water or store when wet.  Store it out of direct sunlight in dry, temperate, pH neutral conditions.  Avoid contact with pointed objects or sharp edges.  Do not store your helmet in a warm car or near a heat source.

 Here are some general tips:

  • Don’t use commercial or domestic cleaning products on your helmet -- polishes, oils, infant or household wipes or such. Wipe the helmet with a soft cloth. It is normal for the matte finish to retain some fingerprint residue. 
  • Leave to air dry. Always store away from direct heat or sun.
  • Always store helmets in a dry, cool and chemically-neutral place if you can. Avoid UV rays, sharp corners, sources of humidity, heat or corrosive substances. Do not store when wet.
  • Don’t leave outside and don’t leave inside a car, boat or other vehicles as warm temperatures are concentrated in these areas.