The ‘POUR’tlander Pour-Over Helmet

There aren’t many simple pleasures as pure as a hot cup of coffee brewed outside, with friends, after a ride. That’s why we created the ‘POUR’tlander.

We placed the bold colors of the Portland flag on our new helmet as an homage to the city we call home. But what most people don’t know is that it does double duty. For anyone like us Portlanders who has a mutual love of coffee and cycling, the ‘POUR’tlander lets you enjoy both your passions at the same time.

Flip this iconic helmet over and it produces an excellent pour over. Simply follow the brew guide below for a perfectly Portland cup anywhere you go.

In fact, we’ve teamed up with our friends and neighbors at Stumptown Coffee to sweeten the pot. Every ‘POUR’tlander purchased between now and April 3rd will include an 8oz bag of Stumptown’s classic Hair Bender blend to get you started on your way to a spring full of #coffeeoutside. Enjoy!

See The ‘Pour’tlander Helmet Brew Guide at



1. Get your gear together

Gather up your camp stove, coffee mill, filter, coffee beans, and favorite camp mug, and head out to your local park.


2.  Prepare your pour over helmet

Flip your helmet over with the top ventilation hole placed over your mug. Place your basket filter inside your helmet.

Portlander Coffee Outside

3. Rinse your filter

Boil water with your stove. Pour the hot water through the filter to rinse out any residual paper flavor.

Portlander Grind GIF

4. Measure and grind your beans

Grind 23 grams of your best beans (about 3 tablespoons) with your coffee mill. Hand grinding can be hard work, but don’t worry, your sweat-equity will pay off.

Portlander coffee outside

5. Saturate the grounds

Pour just enough water, now about a minute off the boil, over your grounds to saturate, allowing the coffee to “bloom.” Wait about 20 seconds.


6. Pour up to mid-helmet

Once the coffee has bloomed, pour water up to mid helmet level, taking care not to wet your foam pads. You don’t want to get any off flavors from the built up sweat in your cup.


7. Remove helmet and enjoy

Once you’re satisfied with the amount of coffee you’ve brewed, remove your helmet and toss your filter. Take a step back, breathe deep from the steam rising off your cup, take an Instagram (#coffeeoutside, after all), and enjoy the fruits of your labor.