The numbers tell us that blog readers want to read reviews of our helmets.

We know that means third-party reviews from multiple sources as well as user reviews from diverse Nutcases of all stripes.

So here we give you: the Nutcase Helmet Quick Review! It’s not official, and includes no large machines dropping helmet samples from great heights or crushing helmet shells with heavy anvils (though those types of reviews are important, too!).


Metroride Technicolor

Instead, the Nutcase Quick Review is meant to be a quick read giving you a single rider’s perspective after trying out a new Nutcase helmet.

For this first review, Nutcase had the great pleasure of visiting TREO Ranch in Heppner, Oregon for three days of picture-perfect bike riding with support and superb meals from owner Phil Carlson. (Check them out if you want a pampered bicycle vacation with gorgeous scenery and ride variation.) Technicolor, IslandSunset,TruckerOrange

On the trip, Nutcase supplied helmets to the ten riders and asked them for their impressions. As dedicated road riders, some of the cyclists were both seeing and trying our relatively-new Metroride urban helmets for the first time.

So without further ado let us introduce Jude Gerace, our first Nutcase Quick Review reviewer.

Name of the helmet:Metroride Technicolor

Your name and title, what you do for a living:

Jude Gerace, wheel builder/business owner

(Jude owns Sugar Wheel Works in Portland, Oregon, and is internationally recognized as a dedicated wheel builder. Sugar sells handmade wheelsets around the globe as well as creates custom wheels for a local and international clientele.)

Your style of cycling or how you like to bike best:

Road cycling, commuting, mountain biking

Your first impressions of the Metroride Techicolor helmet

Oh my goodness–a Nutcase helmet that I can wear beyond commuting!! I was stoked!

How would you assess the fit of the helmet?

Really it was a perfect fit for my head.  Chin strap was perfect–everything worked!

What works about the helmet for your particular riding style?

Loved the ventilation and the good fit!

Is there anything you would change?

I like things to be simple– I would want plain-colored helmets versatile with kit colors and the many bikes I have.  I would have chosen a boring plain white helmet, a gray helmet or a hot pink helmet.  I don’t typically like things with more patterns. However I look forward to wearing this helmet as a commuting and spare road helmet.

Jude Technicolor
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