Congratulations Pedego Rhode Island in the town of Bristol…you are Nutcase Helmets’ April Dealer of the Month!

Pedego Rhode Island has only been open less than three years but in that time, has seen their business grow so much that they’ve had to move to a larger shop to accommodate their growth. They are the top Pedego dealer in New England and one of the top ten in the world.  Pretty heady stuff.  And what’s great is that Nutcase has been with them from day one and has grown right along with them.

Pedego Rhode Island

Owner Mark DeStefano says “many folks experiencing Pedego for the first time are seeing Nutcase for the first time as well.  Both bring a smile to our customer’s face!”

Union Jack with buttonMark says the Union Jack is their most popular design in their store and fits perfectly with the non-traditional vibe that e-bikes provide customers.

“Pedego is all about creating a fun experience for our customers,” DeStefano says. “The folks who ride a Pedego are generally not the traditional bike shop customer.  They’ve got their own sense of style and Nutcase is a perfect way for them to express that style and individuality.”

Pedego Rhode Island

Good work, Pedego Rhode Island.  And thanks for all the Nutty love!