At Nutcase Helmets HQ in Portland, Oregon, we are kind of a nutty crew. With a view of Mt. Hood out one set of our office’s panoramic windows, and a peek at the train tracks out the other, we’ve got majesty on one side and the steady wheels (and long whistle!) of commerce on the other.

Inside, our small team talks helmets, designs helmets, and supports the users of our helmets all day long, and then we try and get out and actually use them during the remaining hours of daylight!

We’re a fairly high-action, high-energy crew, and we want you! We like to talk to our Nutcase compatriots a lot through a variety of social channels, and our team is looking to expand to include a digital and social media manager.

Here’s where you’ll find us:


Our new Nutcase social media manager will be filling the very competent, vintage-ly stylish, and supremely energetic shoes of our current social media maven Meghan Sinnott, who will take her skills and her great collection of classic dresses over to the other side of the Nutcase ‘aisle’ to add magic to our product development team.

This is definitely a full-time job. So if you love your brain, the Nutcase brand, and all the nutty Nutcases out there who we love to swap helmet stories with, read on for a full description of the Nutcase social media manager’s position. Then send us your resume and cover letter to

To see the full job description, click here: Digital and Social Media Manager