ISPO Munich is a big convention – 2,500 exhibitors in the sports business showing their wares and touting their innovations. With such a huge variety of vendors, ISPO Munich works because it focuses on building partnerships and facilitating new networking opportunities.

For Nutcase, the chance to show our forthcoming Baby Nutty helmet, our sleek and sporty Metroride commuter helmet, and our new 2015 designs are some of the reasons we make the trek to Munich and spend a couple of days constructing a booth. If you’re at ISPO, please stop by to see us in booth A2-420.

The chance to interact with people who love Nutcase, while also connecting with new Nutcases, makes all the heavy lifting of getting a big booth together worthwhile.


This year Nutcase got an unexpected and beautiful surprise when we arrived at the show site.

Tandem Space, a year-old project to turn ISPO convention waste into beautiful art (like this year’s FREEDOM waste-to-art mural seen above), was a concept we were familiar with.

Once we were at the show and met the Tandem Space co-founder, Rafa Moreno Tapia, it was clear there was some excellent synergy with our Unframed artists’ helmets concept. In a flurry of excitement, communication, people-power and coffee, Nutcase and Tandem Space decided to collaborate on the spot.


The ‘Freedom’ mural, made from convention waste, after a day of ISPO interaction with the crowd.

Three artists (including beloved Nutcase Unframed artist Ray Moore) are using letters from the already constructed “Freedom” mural that Tandem Space created, to create new artistic expressions. Moore, as well as artist Jose Walker from the UK and Miguel Panadero (Tandem Space co-founder) from the Canary Islands, are working live to transform all manner of convention waste – cardboard, wood and carpet tubes – into beauty.

Artists Jose Walker (left) and Ray Moore.

Artists Jose Walker (left) and Ray Moore.

The live art created by these three artists will be donated to one of Nutcase’s partners, World Bicycle Relief, an organization that gives sturdy, gorgeous, specially-designed bikes to people in need.

Come see this unique collaborative art venture in action at the Tandem Space booth A1-519.  And stay tuned – we’ll be showing the artists’ works as they are completed.



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