Nonsense - Limited-Edition Unframed Helmet by Kyle Confehr

Kyle Confehr's Nonsense helmet gets more double takes than just about any design we've ever produced.  
What's the subject matter of this helmet?  Well...  we couldn't tell you.  It is, after all, called Nonsense.
When we asked him, point blank, what secrets were held within the illustrations, he said, "My work is more of a process then it is a concept."  We pushed further...  "My normal process for something like this is to create and work with as many iconic or recognizable items, persons, things, landmarks, etc. I'll usually make an alphabetical list and go down the list and write down the first things that come to my mind. A = Ant, Apple, Aardvark. B = Bicycle, Bat, Bart Simpson. Most times, I'm making lists so something sentimental or familiar pops up that will be easily recognizable. And sometimes when creating these lists, popular or main stream media will make its way in, in a tongue n' cheek way."
How did Kyle like working with a company that trusted his creative process?  "I'm really excited that you guys are allowing me this creative freedom," he said just before the helmet went into production.
When he first saw his helmet in person he exclaimed, "3 words: Oh-My-God! I love it."  We think that's six words, but who's counting? 
Here's one of our favorite detail shots from the helmet:
But if you're more of a pizza, snowman, shark, crystal, pyramid, UFO, parachute, snowboarding kinda person, then...  this helmet has something for you.