November 12, 2014

Give a dog a bone and you are a nice person.  Taunt him with it and you are cruel.  Unless, of course, you are an Oregon Duck fan and the dog in this case is a DAWG, otherwise known as a Washington Husky.  Then you’re just a true fan.


Nutcase founder Michael Morrow turned his wit northward to Seattle recently, creating a pro-Oregon Duck helmet that proclaims a “Husky Free NW”, a spinning bone, and a message and autograph from Oregon Duck legend Joey Harrington.

Husky Free NW on Make A Gif

While at the Oregon Duck – Washington Husky game in Eugene this fall, Michael, once again, was showered with compliments and laughter after debuting this outrageous but effective helmet.


Michael’s allegiance is first and foremost with the Oregon State Beavers, as evidenced by the helmet that started it all.  It was this helmet that spurred the notion of having bike helmets as an extension of your personality, a thought that has ultimately turned the cycling world, quite protectively, on its head.

But Michael’s mind is always churning, always mixing thoughts and ideas, colors and passions.  Sometimes it’s a rubber duckie, sometimes it’s a glowing brain and this Spring, it’s an array of creativity that will blow your mind.