There’s a reason why we are called Nutcase Helmets. We are the Nutcases! Controlled craziness is our company MO. Even so, it’s a bit strange that we go so truly batty, so absolutely nutty, over Halloween. For example, thoughtful costuming on Halloween day is NOT optional in our offices.

Halloween Nurse

Part of this is simply self-selection. Our founders, Michael Morrow and Miriam Berman, have a deep fun-loving streak, and it comes to the fore full force on the holidays, with Halloween being one of the biggest dress-up opportunities.

Because Michael and Miriam love costumes, most subsequent additions to the Nutcase family have been the type to carry the tradition forward, including to the numerous trade shows we attend, and we try to make our booth the most fun place to be, not only for visitors but also for us.

Social media manager Meghan Sinnott describes our Nutcase holiday and Halloween spirit like this:

“I personally was always drawn to Michael and Miriam at bicycle events because they always dressed to fit the theme and they were often hosting some sort of photo booth. I’m a ham and love to dress up (I have not just a costume closet, but a costume ROOM). Years before I worked for Nutcase I would make a beeline towards them at events and we’d all have fun in the photo booth! It’s the Portland dream to work in a place where ‘professional’ and ‘fun’ are not mutually exclusive.”

HQ Halloween pumpkin

HQ Halloween pumpkin

For better or worse, Meghan says treats and tricks are always possible at Nutcase HQ.  Here’s a short survey of our top ten favorite Halloween treats:
1) Candy corn (This retro treat, first created in the 1880’s at the Wunderle Candy Co., is loved by Michael M.)
2) Nestlé $100,000 bars (Dave W. loves these.)
3) Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (Classic favorite of Lisa B. and David K.)
4) Abba-Zabbas (Though not vegan, beloved by Meghan S. who says she thus eats ‘cheap knock-off candy corn’ instead.)
5) Mini Twix bars (Coveted by our newest Nutcase Madeline L.)
6) Salty licorice fish (Not a traditional Halloween candy yet Philip M., who never did Halloween in ‘his’ country, adores them.)
7) Kit Kat (For Kendall B. there’s nothing better than a Kit Kat.)
8) Peanut M&M’s (Candy of choice for Shawna D.)
9) Theo Pure 70% dark chocolate (Chris S. does healthy choices – though if pressed confesses a secret love of $100,000 bars.)
10) Milky Way Midnight (There’s no one favorite for Miriam B., but Milky Way dark chocolate bars are a big love.)