June 20, 2014
Helmets and Trikes: Not Just For Kids

The X Games, sponsored by ESPN, is akin to a sport circus – four days of music and action sports. It is a heady mix of skateboarding, BMX bikes, Moto X, Rally X, and even SUPER Trucks speeding around in Austin, Texas.

This year, a band of merry trikesters wearing Nutcase helmets also got their time to shine under the hot Texas sun in a fun and funky set of races called the High Roller Drift Trike Races.

Matt Armbruster is the designer of the High Roller, a low-slung trike for adults and kids at heart that looks remarkably like the popular Big Wheel that American kids of the 70’s grew up riding and that is still available today.
Matt Armbruster with his High Roller and his Nutcase

Armbruster is a man who thinks it’s never too late to have a happy childhood, and he created his High Roller big-wheeled trikes to give adults more chances for all-out play. After raising almost $90,000 with a Kickstarter campaign, Armbruster has produced hundreds of High Rollers, which retail for $599.


At this year’s X Games Armbruster said the High Roller races caught the eye of ESPN.

“The director at ESPN saw one of our trikes and got very excited by it,” Armbruster said. “It could lead to a much bigger event next year.”

“People were laughing and having fun in our helmets on the big wheels,” added Nutcase sales manager Chris Streight.

The most popular helmets at the High Roller Drift Trike races? Classic Watemelon, Hula Blue, and Mellow Swirl.