Have You Seen This Helmet?

To celebrate Nutcase Helmets in our tenth year of nuttiness, we are turning to you, dear readers.  Over the years, we have brought many wild and wonderful helmets in to existence, but it is you who brought them out into the world on your many adventures.  We want to see what some of our most beloved designs that have come and gone have been up to.

Graffiti holds a special place in our hearts, as it was one of the first dozen helmets we ever produced.  It had a good, long existence in our line, lasting six whole years.

It was this helmet that Jack, pictured below, picked as his helmet so many years ago.  He wrote to us in our first year to say he liked the graphics on his helmet so much, that he chose to wear the helmet, despite the fact that his friends did not wear helmets.  One day, while out riding with a buddy, a car hit Jack.  The crash was so serious, that Jack had to be medevaced to the closest major hospital.  When Jack’s condition was deemed stable, his doctor told him that it was his helmet that saved his life.

It was Jack’s letter that encouraged Mr. and Mrs. Nutcase to continue to make helmets that kids and adults alike would want to wear.

Yesterday we kicked off a week of “Where are they now?”  We heard from Jack, but now we want to hear from you.  Did you ever have a Graffiti helmet yourself or know someone who had one?  Where in the world has Graffiti gone over these years?  Who has been out there enjoying this classic design?

Post photos of Graffiti out in the wild and tag #nutcase.  We look forward to seeing what amazing things you and Graffiti have been up to!