Have You Seen the 5th Annual Unframed Submissions?

We had over 41 incredible designs submitted to the 5th Annual Unframed Call for Artists.  

Our jury has already met once to review the submissions and we've reached out to artists we hope to work with. 

We'll announce the winners shortly, but until then, we wanted to show you the lovely, wild, and wacky helmets that graced our inbox this last month from artists around the world.

Sad you didn't submit your design in time?  Why not submit your idea for the 6th Annual Unframed NOW?  We'll keep your submission around until the jury meets next year for review.  Find out more here:  bit.ly/helmetart


1. Adam G.  2. Allegra M. 3. Jackie A.
4. Carla P.  5. Chelsi B.  6. Chelsi B.
7. Chloe I.  8. Crystal C.  9. Dannyboy S.
10. Elisa S.  11. Erin G.  12. Gregg E.
13. Gregg E.  14. Jennifer L.  15. Joi M.
16. Jordan S.  17. Julz N.  18. Kaleb S.
19.Karly K.  20. Kelly A.  21. Lauren B.
22. Loren C.  23. Maristela O.  24. Max B.
25. Rebecca D.  26. Rosie A.  27. Sam A.
28. Sean A.  29. Sean B.  30. Shane M.
31. Stacy L. 32. Tamar L.  33. Tamar L.
34. Taylor T.  35. Tia W.  36. Rachel M.
37. Andre H.  38. Mitch Z.  39. Christian B.
40. Joshua N.  41. Zack S.