Good Vibes - Limited-Edition Unframed Helmet by Yan Yan "Candy" Ng

When we first showed the limited-edition Unframed helmet, Good Vibes, to our friend Eva over at Clever Cycles, she laughed and said it was a “fun doodle adventure.”  We think this description is not only apt for the helmet, but for the artist herself, who is the embodiment of fun, doodle, and adventure.

Meet Candy.


Candy's playful helmet has so many themes and fun doodles, it was difficult to narrow down on a name.  Original considerations were "Good Vibes Everyday," "Go for It," and "Fun Ahead."

Here are some detail shots of what eventually came to be known as the Good Vibes helmet:

Fun facts about the artist of Good Vibes:

She really loves candy.
She'll pet every dog or cat in sight.
She loves pins for her jean jacket.
She'll out pun all of you.  No, really.