While our Nutcase Water Helmets may look very much like our other helmets, there are a few differences under the lid.

The first thing to notice is the extra-thick and water repelling ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) lining, measuring a hefty 2.5 centimeters at the front and the back of the helmet. We also have a special EVA daisy that lines the inside crown of the water helmet.


All this non-absorbent EVA makes our Water Helmet perfect for water sports like kayaking, rafting, kite boarding, surfing, and wind surfing  – splashes and spray don’t soak in, and the helmet keeps your head at a comfy temperature. Additional front and back insert pads help get that perfect fit.

The ear pads on Nutcase Water Helmets are also specially crafted for wet sports – slightly rigid to protect the ears, with neoprene covering and netted air vents to make sure you can hear the sounds of the great outdoors (and whatever your companions might be yelling at you). The ear pads are removable, too! RiverRock

These helmets do have our signature 360 degree reflectivity with reflective front and back decals and side straps. They also sport our no-pinch magnetic buckle which allows easy one-handed operation. Also, the classic shell shape includes 11 vents for perfect ventilation and drainage.

Now through the holiday season our Nutcase Water Helmets are a special 25% off. Buy your favorites now – the bright colors and designs make them a great love-your-brain gift for any water sports enthusiast.