August 19, 2014

We love stripes here at Nutcase HQ. Not just any stripes. Special stripes, in colors and patterns that pop and demonstrate the slightly nutty sense of style we try to bring to helmet design.

So it was with pride that we received the news that the Hong Kong Consumer Council (HKCC) had chosen a Gen3 Nutcase Rainbow Stripe helmet to review.

Earned Our Stripes 2As part of the International Consumer Research and Testing Limited (ICRT) consortium, HKCC reviewed 14 bicycle and sports helmets and reported on the results in the latest issue of its Choice consumer magazine (only available in Chinese).

Most of the helmets HKCC reviewed would be described as road biking or racing helmets, designed to be as light as possible and with the maximum aerodynamics needed for racing gear.

That’s not exactly our helmet niche. At Nutcase we make helmets that combine unbeatable graphics with a friendly, non-sporty shape – known affectionately as the ‘brain bucket’ ­– and ease-of-use features. (One of these, the Fidlock no-pinch magnetic buckle, was mentioned by reviewers as making the helmet both easy to put on and easy to take off.)

Earned Our Stripes 4

Overall, the Council gave our Gen3 Rainbow Stripe three out of five possible stars, favorable and in line with what the other two brain bucket/skater styles HKCC reviewed.

The Gen3 Rainbow Stripe had tests for performance at high temperatures (50 °C) and low temperatures (-20 °C), and industry-standard crash performance, passing them all.

We’re proud that the Rainbow Stripe earned its stripes, so to speak, and shows the Gen3 to be both fun and meeting international safety standards. (Gen3 helmets pass both CPSC certification for cycling and ASTM F1492 for skating.)

For riders concerned about lighter weight, we’re also proud to introduce the sportier Metroride. Metroride retains top-shelf features such as the Fidlock buckle and the Spin-Dial closure in a lighter shell. Come stop by if you are at the Eurobike show in Fredrichshaven next week and take a look at our newest addition to the Nutcase line-up.

In the meantime, we think you’ll agree that though  our Gen3 didn’t lead the pack with its zaftig figure, it certainly is one of the best looking amongst the tested helmets!