Budget Bicycle Center July Dealer of the Month

Since 1979, Budget Bicycle Center is a full service bicycle shop in the heart of Madison, Wisconsin. Situated just south of the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus, they provide a diverse product selection and a confident and knowledgeable staff. With four very different stores on one street, customers are sure to find something that they like.

Budget Bicycle Center has over 5000 bicycles on display in their combined stores as well as a bicycle museum in their 930 Regent Street location. They have some fascinating bicycles and accessories, both historic, vintage and new for sale in the store and on line. The owner thoroughly checks and test rides all the new and used bicycles they sell. That is important since Budget Cycle Center is “the largest used bicycle center in the world”.

IMG_2364 (3)A few Nutcase questions for the staff:

-What new products are you looking forward to having in the shop this season?
The new colors of Baby Nutty’s and Little Nutty’s
-What is a Nutcase top seller in your shop?
The kid helmets are a huge success, giving lots of fun color and style choices.
-Does your shop have any nutty traditions or special events that you sponsor?
With four unique stores within 4 blocks of each other we have an unrivaled selection including the world’s largest used bike showroom and one of the country’s largest 19th century stone lithograph collections