September 8, 2014

This week a big part of our HQ crew travels a variety of ways to Las Vegas, where the largest U.S. bike show Interbike is held Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

After a fantastic experience at Eurobike in Friedrichshafen, Germany, we’re gearing up to do it all again in the showtown that never sleeps.

Our takeaway from Eurobike was nothing short of inspirational – we kicked off Unframed, our campaign to get fresh art out in the world and also onto helmets; we debuted our sporty Metroride helmet to much acclaim, and we previewed the 16 new Gen3 and six new Little Nutty graphic designs for helmets coming in spring 2015.

Facing a bare canvas - here's what the artists saw at Eurobike's start.

Facing a bare canvas – here’s what the artists saw at Eurobike’s start.

And we got a lot, a tremendous amount of love. More love than at any previous show, and mostly because we had three great artists at our booth, creatively pouring out their particular talents onto six large canvases that will be auctioned to benefit World Bicycle Relief.

The crowd’s fascination and interaction with the artists, the artwork, and the arty helmets was very satisfying, as we worked long and hard to figure out how to successfully share these artists’ work with the world through the artists’ series.

In process - Todd Standish works on his first canvas.

In process – Todd Standish works on his first canvas.

At Interbike, we’ll be showing the Metroride (Booth 1079, come by!) and the fantastic new Gen3 and Little Nutty graphic designs, and we’ll also have the presence of Todd Standish, Ray Moore, and Sandra Ramirez, painting all three days of the show.

One of the highlights of Interbike for the bike industry will be a Thursday night awards gala, Interbike’s first, to honor the innovators and achievers as well as auction off our artists’ panels at a silent auction.


Ray Moore does some publicity in front of his work.

This is a boon, not only for World Bicycle Relief, a very nifty organization that helps get smartly-designed bikes to people who really need them, but also for our artists, who get to see their creations go out into the world, and for a great cause.

Sandra (center) flanked by World Bicycle Relief's Kristina Jasiunaite and WBR founder FK Day (left) and Philip Mascher and Miriam 'Ms. Nutcase' Berman at right.

Sandra (center) flanked by World Bicycle Relief’s Kristina Jasiunaite and WBR founder FK Day (left) and Philip Mascher and Miriam ‘Ms. Nutcase’ Berman at right.